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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

America's Favorite Sport

Poppy was mowing the yard one day last week and told R when he got done, they would play a little baseball!  R has always hit it off the T in the past, but Poppy wanted to throw the ball to him and see how he did...
Showing him where to line up by home plate...and where to tap his bat to make sure he was far enough or close enough up to the plate to hit the ball.
Teaching him what "shoulder-width" apart meant...

He did pretty good for the most part!  He just needs to keep his eye on the ball, cause when he hits it--HE HITS IT!  No doubts about that!  We are also working on following threw with the bat and not just stopping once he makes contact with the ball...but we'll get there!  =)

& yes...he's in underwear and rain boots!  Hey...I do not care!  He is only young once, and it's summertime, and we live in the south!  =)


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