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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Birthday Birthday!

Last year when R was in MDO twice a week, he made a sweet friend Karson--they were literally best buds every day at school!  I found out she was the niece of a girl I went to HS with so that was fun!  Karson has the sweetest parents and Grancie that we saw often at pick up and drop of!  R invited Karson to his party last year and it was neat to see them after we both decided to go to different schools this past year.  R was so excited when he got invited to Karson's Princess party at a cool play place that we had never been to before, a town over!
R with the birthday girl!!

This place was huge!  R would go in and I wouldn't see him for like ten minutes...kinda freaked me out, but he did great!

There were ALOT of kids there, but it was alot of fun!  She got a lot of cool princess toys and games, as well as Doc. McStuffins...which R wanted so bad!! ;)
 My little prince pouting about SOOOOMETHING!
It was a four story play house...HUGE!  I think R was in the pic, and snuck out of it as soon as I clicked it!  
Hopefully we'll get to go back one day...it's connected to a restaurant so that was really neat!

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  1. What a fun place for a party. I can totally see why losing him for 10 minutes at a time might freak you out. That thing was monsterous!


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