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Monday, February 9, 2015

rough monday...

I am praying that this Monday is much better than last Monday!

It was R's first day back to school after having the flu.  We were so thankful for that Tamiflu, but it sure did make my little boy CRAZY.

Monday morning was ROUGH.  He didn't want to get up, more than ever before...he is usually Mr. Chipper and is the reason it makes it so easy for me to get up so early in the mornings!  Buuuuut, not that day!  I may have yelled at him a handful of times, made him cry, etc. etc. all before getting out the door.  And THENNN...I had to drop him off at school for the day, and hope for the best.  That's always the worst feeling in the world!  

Before we even got out the door though, I went to start my car to warm it up before it was time to go, and it wouldn't even turn over.  I called my parents and no one answered.  I went and tried it again.  Nothing.  I flipped my lights on and off, and then tried again and it started.  Close call...but still odd.

I get all the way to school and turn my car off.  Tried to restart it, and again won't even turn over.  It was only by God that I got to work on time that day.
I put all my school stuff in my trunk, and I went to pop it, and it wouldn't even pop.  I went to lock my car with my clicker, and it wouldn't lock.  Yes.  Happy Monday to me.

I rarely have "bad days".  I'm just a glass half full type girl...I don't even remember the last time I had a "bad day" if that says anything.  Not to say I don't get upset or unhappy...I just try not to let those little mishaps ruin my entire day, because that seems like a waste to me!  But this day I was feeling completely defeated!   

I called a local guy in town to come look at my car/tow it to his shop...and he thought it was my battery, but come to find out, there was just a cord that wasn't connected right!  Amen and amen!  He takes care and provides!  

I had talked to my dad before class started about my morning and asked him to pray for Ryder because he was not being himself and it was a rough, rough morning for both of us.  He decided he was going to pick him up from school and take him to CFA for lunch.  Just one of the many reasons he is the greatest Poppy to my lil boy!

Knowing R was going to get a surprise at lunch time and the happiness it was going to bring him, helped me through my day, even though our morning hadn't started off so great!

They even Facetimed me from CFA, which made my day!  =)
This also helped me take some deep breaths, and remember He is in control...and He is the one we should lean on and call out to first.  
After the day we had, ice cream was necessary after school...for the both of us!!!
That night we spent some extra time with KeeKee and Poppy...staying later than we normally do, to fit in a game of Trouble with Poppy.  Poppy LOVED this game when we were little and always wanted to play it!  Love seeing him play it with R now!  

Tuesday was a new day and we were happy for the chance of starting fresh!

And tomorrow is a new day, and a new week and I hope your's starts off on the right foot! 
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