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Thursday, February 5, 2015

MORE sickness at our house...

 We dealt with some more sickness last week.  "BOO HOO HOO" as Ryder would say!!  He wasn't even finished taking his ABs for Strep yet and I could tell by touching him Wednesday night he was running fever.

I called in a sub at 2 AM (again) and went back to bed.  I planned on taking him in first thing in the morning, but he slept until 1 PM when I finally woke him up so we could go to the Dr.
The sweet nurses looked at us and said, "Y'all were just here..." "Yes, we were."  Luckily R's favorite nurse was there and took care of him like he always does!  Strep and flu tests with NO hassle!  Flu was positive of course...but we had caught it early!
So thankful for my parents and taking care of us in a million different ways while we were stuck at home disinfecting and trying to stay far away from each other!  Poor R missed snugglin' his Mama! ;)  But I just couldn't take the risk...
 Thankfully mom kept him for me on Friday...this is poor baby getting in the car to go to her house.  I'll say this:  Tamiflu worked GREAT for us.  He got the meds Thursday night at 6 PM, took them again Friday morning...He was a little crazy Thursday night after the meds, but I thought he was just exhausted and tired from being sick, but I'm pretty sure the craziness was the meds.  

The Dr. said they could make him "feel weird" and that's definitely what I was seeing!  Poor mom thought she was gonna have a relaxing day at home with a sick little boy, but she got the complete opposite!  He was on a ROLL, running around the house, asking a million questions and hardly every stopped.  Once again...it was the meds!
& Allie was so sweet to bring me a Blue Sail Coffee Friday night.  R had stopped running fever, but we were staying in to make sure we were 100% well!
I finally told him Sunday night he could sleep with me...but I drew a line with a scarf so he wouldn't get too close!  I got out of the shower to find this!  As close to the line as he could get without touching it!!
Saturday was my half birthday...and KeeKee delivered these to our house!  If you're gonna be stuck at home all weekend, it's good to have people that love and care about you to make special deliveries!  

....& just because today is Thursday!!! 
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