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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project 365...Week 10

{March 4}
Punkin' fishin' with his Daddy out at Mimi & PawPaw's

{March 5}
Climbin' on the gate to see his horses!  I love my lil country boy!

{March 6}
I am usually not one to fall for "trends" but I can say I fell for this one & LOVE it!  If you haven't tried out "Draw Something"...download it...NOW!  Too much fun!  

{March 7}
 I think we were about to go outside & play & he asked me to take a picture of him...fake grin!  Ha!

{March 8}
 I took Punkin' to the Library for the first time & I was seriously kicking myself for not taking him sooner!  He LOOOOVED it!  He played quietly while I roamed the aisles picking out books for us to read this week before bed!  I think we are going to make it a weekly thing!  He even got his very own Library card!!

{March 9}
Mommy had a little nigh tout on the town!  Abby was home for Spring Break & it was also the day before her birthday...so we celebrated!  So good to see some of my PS!

{March 10}
Ryder went to his first kid birthday party with his Dad at the movie theatre!  He seemed to have had a lot of fun!  Poppy had been in Park City, Utah snow skiing at the end of the week, and on Friday it was a bit hot out and he hit a patch of slush that sent him flying...AND...his skis didn't come off, which resulted in this.  He was "that guy" on a stretcher being carried down the mountain on a snow mobile.  We will have more answers tomorrow after his appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.    


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