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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break Brain Dump

  • Our Spring break hasn't gone quite as planned...just because of ALL.THE.RAIN.  I pictured us playing outside all morning, making lunch, eating it outside...playing some more outside, coming in to take a bath and crashing for naps.  Hasn't happened.  :/
  • Typing on my lap top keyboard is an adjustment from my desktop.  Weird...I know.
  • R has actually done really well being cooped up in the house.  I have limited out TV time & he has really been doing well!  I know he misses school and his friends though!
  • Speaking of friends...he confessed to kissing a girl in his class to me tonight.  I asked him to show me how he kissed her and he showed me and I literally fell over from laughter!  
  • Tonight his prayer was, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for my Papa's leg.  Tell the doctors to fix it and tell him to feel better.  Amen.  I love you Poppy"  Seriously, so sweet.
  • We slept in way to late this morning.  Poppy called and asked us to lunch at Panera.  Dad told us to go to Jump Zone or Play World but when I drove by those places the parking lots were TOO full for my liking (and I had already told R that's where we were going) so I talked him into a "ten dollar toy" inside WM instead!  ;)  We never cruise the toy aisle, so it was kinda fun to see what he was interested in that he doesn't have!  We ended up leaving with a 5 dollar golf set!  =)
  • Mama got some SkinnyGirl lip plumping lip gloss & I like the color and it definitely makes your lips tinkle, but was NOT a fan of the chip packaging and hard as a rock plastic applicator.  Who wants to rub that all up on their lips?
  • When I "think I get hungry" I'm trying to just go fill up my water bottle with more water!  {Have I mentioned I haven't had any Sonic cokes & only a few cokes in general from restaurants here and there since Valentine's Day?  This is seriously HUGE for me.}
  • I'm trying so hard not to think or care about the projects I have due next week.  :/
  • Last week I was all into DrawSomething.  Yeah, I'm already over it.  It was fun, but way to time consuming and I got all the colors I could get and I didn't really have anything else to work for.  Ha!
  • I pulled out all of R's spring clothes today and oh my word!  I thought he didn't have "any" and was seriously gonna have to go naked half the time.  Negative.  I am almost embarrassed.  A lot of it is 2T stuff and I figured it won't fit half way through the summer anyways though, so I guess we're okay.
  • If you want some true weight loss inspiration and some brutally honest truth {and every once and a while a chance to see two cute lil boys, one of which shares the EXACT birthday with my baby boy} then head on over to Mama Laughlin's blog and catch up on her amazing story!  
  • It's not supposed to rain again today, but since it's so wet outside I think we're gonna stay in and try and do some fun arts and crafts...which should get interesting!  Just making memories with my boy!  ;)

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