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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project 365...Week 9

{February 26}
Ryder spent the day with his Daddy & also got to meet sweet lil Caleb.  I'm not sure he knew what to think about him!  We got to snuggle on the couch after he got home & before bed!

{February 27}
It was a beautiful day out, so I let Punkin' play outside while I did my Bible study.  He wanted me to take his picture, so we had a little photo shoot!  :P ;)

 {February 28}
Lil man hurt his knuckles on the driveway at KeeKee & Pop's so we got to use his Toy Story band aids for the first time that he got at Christmas!  We were reading in bed, & then he was passed out! 

{February 29}
Nothing better than a sweet 2 year old asking you to snuggle him on the couch. 

{March 1}
 While getting his band aids out of the hall closet, he found a few Christmas gifts I had hidden.  He insisted we get this out!  & he knew JUST what to do with it!  I'm so proud of him!  =)

{March 2}
They got to be artists at school...& this was his masterpeice!  I can't wait to frame it! 

 {March 3}
I found something new to entertain my crazy child!  This kept him busy for about an hour!  ;)


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