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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project 365...Week 12

{March 18}
 Punkin' had a big day playing with his daddy outside & seriously smelled like a stinky goat when I went to get him!  We stopped by KeeKee & Pops' to say hello!  These are Ryder's "dangerous tape measures" he likes to play with at KeeKee's!  Ha!

{March 19}
 The weather was too perfect for us to not grill out (& I'll take any excuse to go to the new Kroger) So we had chicken kabobs, yummy pineapple & also some zucchini!  We even ate outside it was so nice!

{March 20}
I got a little trim of a haircut & Ryder stayed with KeeKee.  Afterwards we made a trip to TJ Maxx & found a few spring things I've been wanting!  I got R this hat & as we were driving thru Chick on the way home he said, "I'm a gangsta" & turned around & saw this!  I about DIED!  I'm afraid I have used that word before & he tucked it away & knew when to use it!  ;) 

{March 21}
It was a nasty rainy day...yet again.  We met Poppy at Panera for lunch & then I told R I would take him to Jump Zone.  Well, there wasn't an open spot in the parking lot, so to make up for it I said I'd take him to WM for a toy...& this is what we ended up with!  #happycamper

{March 22}
 Getting to sleep in this week and not have to set an alarm once was probably one of my favorite things!

{March 23}
We had a little craft day at our house and R LOVED it!  He knew how to use scissors and I had no idea!   

{March 24}
Finally some pretty weather...and we got KeeKee & Pops to go with us to the zoo!  R loved it!  I'm glad I hadn't taken him before now, because he could really appreciate it at this age and genuinely cared about the animals!  Then we went to Pei Wei for lunch!  WAHOO!  One of my favs!  {more pics to come!}


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  1. Kati, Ryderman is getting SO big and handsome! :) Loving the Project 365 idea! :)


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