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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding FUN!

I experienced one of the prettiest, most well thought out & FUN weddings I've ever been to on Saturday!  My parents were invited as well, but with my dad's torn ACL, it was going to be a bit much for him to go.  I was looking forward to spending the evening while some "old" friends!
{Me & Allison}
 {Me & Dell...the weather could not have been any more perfect & beautiful!}
 {Dell & Alli}
 Let me just throw this out there...this is 3/4 of the 2006 All-Girl Stunt Group State Champs....yeah I'm still kinda proud!  We all retired after that!  :P
 There was a photo booth & it was seriously SO much fun!  We did it like 5 times.  & was even cooler was you got to keep one strip of yourself & the other strip of the same pics went into a scrapbook for the bride & groom & we got to decorate the pages & write them a little note!  So fun!

{This was our first experience...we weren't sure what to expect!  :P}

The venue was fabulous & so elegant yet not over done!  The food was FAB...especially the fruit!  I ate too much cake, too many cupcakes, and too much candy from the candy bar...but I think we all successfully danced off everything we ate on the dance floor that night!  If you even SORDA know the bride, you wouldn't have expected anything less!  ;)  I reminded me of old times!  At one point, during a wine water break, Dell looked at me and said, "Are we young, or old, because I feel young!"  Seriously though...one of the funnest weddings I've been too! 

 Loved their little "HITCHED" sign & I loved that we all had red & white pom poms to wave as they left!  Very fun & unique!
 {...I stole this off her FB page just so you could see how bea-U-tiful they looked!  =)}

Thank y'all for such a FUN night!  


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