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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Project 365...Week 11

{March 11}
I let my little mister play outside & before I knew it one piece of clothing was coming off & then another & then another...& this is what we ended up with!  He did not even care that that water was nasty!  He had a BLAST & that's what counts!  =)

{March 12}
I got my MOH dress for Tonya's wedding in the mail from the big ATL.  LOVE it!  I was hiking it up in the back in this pic to make it the correct length...can't wait to wear it & stand beside a beautiful bride in May!

{March 13}
More playin' outside with my lil man.

{March 14}
In my Writing Acquisitions class, all we do is create "Units" that help us incorporate writing into our content area.  BLAH right?  This was my second one to do & I made a B on the first which I thought was umm...an A so I was happy to get this on my last Unit.  I mean these things are any where from 40-50 pages about WRITING!  :O

{March 15}
 My sweet love muffin cheesin' for his Mama!

{March 16}
We stayed up a little later than usual & I let him make play dough!  It was a lot of fun & I seriously LOVE the play dough!  

{March 17}
Saturday was a big day!  We went & had lunch in LR with some HS friends which was a lot of fun!  Came home, took a quick nap, then Mama headed out to a beautiful wedding!  (more on that later!)


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  1. super cute! And did I miss something? Is Ryder potty trained??!@?!??!


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