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Thursday, December 25, 2014

christmas with GA fam

We were so lucky to have Tonya and Luke, and Aunt Kathy and Uncle Sam visit us during the second weekend of December to celebrate Christmas.  We usually do this every other year...the year we don't go to Atlanta to see them for Thanksgiving, and this was that year!  

Tonya and Luke flew in Thursday night...and Squeak the elf brought them some goodies to welcome them to AR! ;)
All of our parents (mine included) took Friday off to spent time together...and the "kids" all went to work!  Well I went to work, and Luke and Tonya worked from home!  It was a lot of my kids last day at school because they didn't have to take semester tests and I got so many goodies from my kiddos.  I felt so blessed!
Friday night we had BBQ and stayed up way to late as you can see!  But it's nice to hang out with everybody and then walk back across the street to go to bed!

Saturday we got up and walked back over to my parents for some breakfast.  It was a beautiful day and it was hard to believe it was December!  The boys worked on stuff outside (cars, boats, trailers, etc.) while the girls just hung out.

Later in the afternoon Tonya, Luke, Ryder and I all went walking on the bike trail near our house.  It was tempting to get Chick-Fil-A as we were leaving since it's right there, but Luke and Tonya have Chick in GA, so they wanted to try Pitza 4 2!  I'm so glad I got to take them there...they LOVED it!  
Saturday night we got all fancied up for a traditional Christmas dinner!  Luke even gave R his own GT pin!  It looks great on him!

Cousins!  It's been us for a long time...so glad we are still celebrating together after all these years! 
Ryder got a Wubble Bubble.  It's a fun toy!  But the big kids popped it after 30 minutes.  Womp.  
Ryder loved having Luke around to "play with him" and do boy stuff that I guess I'm not so good at doing!  He is still saying, "I wish Tonya and Luke were still here..." 
Too much Wubble Bubble FUN!
Sunday they went to spent time with their other side of the family in LR and then flew home that evening.

Ryder went out to the farm with his dad and road his dirt bike for the first time in a long time...church clothes and all!!
Monday I took Allie and Josh's Christmas card photo for them.  Let's just say, taking a picture with kids maybe easier than taking a picture with two dogs!  Ryder snapped this picture of me staging Fitz!  Ha!  I'm just glad we got a decent enough one for them to send out!
Tuesday night was Craft Night at our new Chick Fil A.  R got to make a Gingerbread house to hang on the tree.  

This was Wubble Bubble #2 that I had for back-up in case/when the first one popped.  Yeah, it lasted 3 days.  They say they have a life time warranty, but I've yet to take them back to Target to see what they say.

We had a great time with our visitors and are already ready to see them again!  It's always fun to get into the Spirit a little bit early!

See GA family Christmas 2012 HERE.  
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