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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

thanksgiving week at home

I was so thankful for a full week at HOME to spend with my little guy and everyone else I LOVE!  Last year we were in GA, but this year it was our turn to stay here and mom was actually hosting, so I tried to helped her with all that as well!  
Can't deny my love for these dollar spot socks from Target!
What's a rainy Friday without a little Blue Sail?! ;)
So thankful for time to do things we don't always have time to do...
Helping Mimi decorate her tree.  She shared with him the story of the okra Santa ornament--their house burned down and they made these the following year to help have something to decorate their tree with.  Ryder even got to bring one home, which is so special!  
Lots of couch snuggle time!  
We went to R's Thanksgiving Lunch at his school on Tuesday.  It was hard to believe this was his last Snuggle Bug Thanksgiving Lunch!  This is Ryder with Sawyer.  They are the best little buddies.  Two years ago, the big kids were teaching Ryder how to fold his blanket and put it away in his cubbie, etc. etc. and now MY little guy is the one helping the younger kids!  This just makes me so happy, and so proud to see!  
We even made a trip out to the farm (a real farm...pigs, cows, goats, chickens etc.) to see the cousins! 
R decided to play in the feed for the animals and his navy pants ended up looking like THIS!  I was busy hammocking my life away for the first time on the back deck, which quickly prompted me to add a tie dye hammock to my Christmas list!  =)
Before heading home, I paid a visit to their coffee shop--Midnight Oil.  So, so good!  It was in an older house, so it had a lot of different rooms to visit which just gave it a good, homey feel!
This kid doesn't need coffee...just give him an Orange Crush!  
I loved the fireplace!  Made me wish I had more time to sit, relax, and read and work.  
Not five minutes into our drive home...

We stopped by KeeKee and Poppy's when we got home...and somebody still didn't want to wake up!  
Another reason we love being on break...is because it means we can go to lunch with our FRIENDS!  We hit up Pitza 4 2 with Allie and stopped in Barefoot to check out their 50% off sale.  and....I am officially in love with the American Apparel track t shirt. OMG.  I went back for more.  
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