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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

AWANA, boat ride, halloween & youth hunt

AWANA has become something so special for us each week.  R loves it so much and does so good at learning his verses.  We tried this two years ago and he wasn't that into it.  I'm so glad we waited it out and that he loves it now! 

Poppy got a new motor and wanted to take it out for a test ride.  Most nights I would usually let him take R so I could have a few minutes to myself, but this night I decided to go with them, and I'm so glad that I did.  We almost missed the sunset, but we still had fun!

Halloween weekend (since it was on a Friday night) was the same weekend as Youth Hunt.  So...I talked to R and told him it was up to him to decide whether he wanted to go Trick or Treating, or go to the farm with Poppy to hunt.  He picked hunting.  I was perfectly okay with that.  He told me he could go Trick or Treating next year! ;)

Poppy's bank always goes ALL out for Halloween!  This year the theme was "Nerd Prom" and I'd say these guys did a GREAT job! ;)
First deer hunt with Poppy!
Who would have ever though you could FaceTime from the deer stand!  
Sunday, Ryder came home from the hunting farm, and went straight out to the farm farm to stay with his Mimi!  Caleb spent some time out there with them on Monday!
I try to remind R all the time that he is a blessed and busy little boy, and that he doesn't need to take any of it for granted.  
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