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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

christmas break days at home

Yesterday was our first day of "Christmas Break" and boy did it feel good to not have an alarm set to wake up to!  I actually woke up worried I had missed my alarm and slept through work...oh my!  NOT a good feeling!

We had a day 100% at home and it felt glorious!  I think Ryder and I both enjoyed our chill day at home together!  He was such a big help around the house...and it's so odd him being so grown up now he doesn't need me to do a lot of things he just needed me to do for him this summer!  It's kinda nice, but it's also kinda sad!!  
 He is Mr. Lego now!  & to think a year and a half ago I "didn't allow legos in my house..." My how mother's eat their words! ;)
He even wanted to help me vacuum!!  Go for it boy!!  
I even talked him into taking a nap with me!  Even though "he wasn't tired".  He was laying there, but wasn't closing his eyes and I said, you have to close your eyes to rest and he said, "But then I'll fall asleep!"  Ha!  That's kinda the point! :P 
He was obviously tired enough to need a two hour nap, even though "he wasn't tired!!"  I don't care how old he gets...I love a sleeping kiddo!

As soon as he woke up, he said "Since I took a good nap, can I go to my KeeKee's house!?"  How sweet is that! 
I found him like this underneath the coffee table with all his tools out "workin"...crackin me up!  
& he was all ready to go to KeeKee & Poppy's house for the night!!  He said, "If I spent the night there tonight, can we still spend the night there on Christmas Eve?"  So sweet!

I've thoroughly enjoyed this semi-chill time at home with him over the last few days.  He is growing up on me too fast, but I'm enjoying every minute of it!

Happy almost Merry Christmas Eve!  =) 

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