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Monday, December 29, 2014

Santa Cow and Gingerbread House

This little guy has been asking for hot chocolate every night since I first made it...we have to let it cool off for a long while, but he loves it!  I'm gonna soak up these nights where he'll sit with me on the couch!  
Our new Chick-Fil-A is so good about having fun activities for kids to do.  One night they had Santa Cow visit!  R told him exactly what he wanted--"Toy garbage truck, Camo boots and Skye from Paw Patrol"  Can't make this stuff up.  
Squak brought Mini Delights one day...(I just to eat these ALL the time in the dorm room) and R loved learning how to make them!  A little microwavable cake in a bowl!
Squeak always pulls through and brings R a Gingerbread House!  Squeak thought this one was already put together.....but it wasn't!!  

I put the house together and then I let Ryder get to it.  He was in there working on it for about an hour.  He did a fantastic job...I was very impressed with his skills!  I guess he's half way payed attention to me and what I've done over the years! :P

So SO proud of this little guy and his Gingerbread House building skills!!
He wanted to wear this hat to school one day, so I let him!  He makes a pretty cute Santa I think! ;)
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