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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

orange beach 2

We got up early one morning and went for breakfast at Tacky Jack's.  All the years we've been going to OB and I had never heard of this place until the night before and we just happen to drive by it!  It was on the same road as our condo!  It looked like a really fun place especially at night...but I don't always do so well with crowds, so breakfast was perf!  ;)

The purpose of heading out early was to go to The Track before it got too hot and too crowded!  I've been going here for as long as I can remember...and I was so happy to be able to finally take R!
We just wanted to ride the Woody!  WAHOO!

He rode with me while I drove & we raced Poppy!  :P

We were right by the mall...so we hoped over to our stores!  Once again...we've been going to OB so long we know the stores we want to go in and the stores we don't...so we were literally in and out in a couple of hours which was nice because I wanted to get back to that lazy river!  :P  I was sending pics to Uncle G at home to see if he liked stuff I picked out and R wanted in on the action!
We stopped at another new (to us) place on the way home.  It was just a little local place...nothing fancy AT ALL!  They had these crab hunting hats, which really looked like the minions so we had to get one! :P

We headed back to the condo for some lazy river time (which I have not one picture of because I never took my phone down there) before coming back up to get ready for our first (ever) dolphin cruise!  {Do you see a theme of us trying new things this go around?!  It was really fun to step out of our norm OB vaca to try new things!  Never know what you'll find!  ;) }

Ready to see some dolphins!!

A Mommy and her baby!

He was shooting stuff with his water bottle to "make it turn into ice" like Gru's gun on Despicable Me?!  He's a HOOT!
To top off our night...we had been driving by this park every time we left our condo and we finally stopped to play!  Look how BIG it is!  It was seriously LEGIT and very impressive!  R loved it!

I wanted to go cruise the strip like old times...and we wanted "dessert"---so we stopped at the awful waffle of course!  ;)  I've been on a WH kick for a while and I wanted to introduce R to the chocolate chip/pecan waffle!  =)   He loved it...and I got a free WH mug out of the deal which was my fav souvy of the trip BY FAR!  :)
Happy first time Waffle House experience!  I'm sad to say I didn't go to WH until I was in college... :/  Ha!

FULL and long adventurous day, but we LOVED it!


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