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Monday, August 5, 2013

lake life

We were blessed to be able to go visit Pooh at the lake earlier this summer!  This is R's third year to do so and we are so thankful we have been able to continue this fun tradition!  Pooh's parents bought a lake house earlier this summer, so this was our first chance to get to see their beautiful spot on the lake!

We went to Colton's for dinner the night we got there...and my lil man had a big time crackin' open all the peanuts!

We love Uncle Jay and he loves Ryder!  It's always good to see Caroline and Catie as well!  We have become friends with them and their Mama over the years, and it's so good to see them at the lake every year!
Trying on Papa Rick's hat!  ;)
Pooh let wild man drive the jet ski!  He loved it!  He drove a lil too crazy for this Mama on the back though! ;)
Nothin' like a little gatorade mustache!  ;)
Tired Punkin' after a long day on the water!

We went to play Putt Putt one night and this was R's first time!  He loved it and actually got a hole in one!  We spent most of our time catching little frogs though!  They are just too cute not too!

We spent some time at the pool too...

Helping Pooh drive the "big boat!"  He is just getting too big!
We love Caroline and Catie!!
HERE is us at the lake last year and the year before HERE!  So thankful for this blog and being able to look back at the years of fun in just a click or two!
Thanks for a fun weekend on the water Pooh!  We love you!  =)

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