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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

mid week randoms

Welcome to another week of Midweek randoms!  I started my in service for my semester of student teaching this week!  I am loving it so much and can't wait to meet some of my kiddos tomorrow night at Open House!  It's going to be a great semester and I seriously can't believe that I graduate in December!  It's been a long road to get here...but I am so glad I am so close to making it!

  •  My view driving to school on Monday!

  •  My mentor teacher already has her room all cute and put together!  She has so many cute things that I can't wait to recreate one day in my classroom!  

  •  This child is loving being back at school on a regular schedule!  He also thinks he needs to put all his tools in his "tool belt"!  Ha!  

  •  ...and this is what happens when you go through all the stuff in R's closet that Mimi has gotten him from garage sales over the last year...and realize that those shoes that looked HUGE a year ago...FIT my baby!  :(  & the baseball pants...they're actually almost too small.  Where is the time going?  Any other Mamas out there feel this way!?

  •  On a super salad kick right now!  The store was out of chicken so I went with salmon and it's been really good!  Avo, toms, cucs, carrots with some Italian dressing!  YUMM!

  •  Driving home after getting R from school I noticed that driving down the same road the clouds looked COMPLETELY different on each side of the road!  Pretty interesting huh!?

  •  I have been trying to get R to try new things and it's been a hit and miss lately....but that's better than all misses!  He liked adding a lil almond butter to his bananas last night!

  •  We played a number puzzle game before taking a bath last night.  He is doing great counting, I just want him to start recognizing numbers in number form...so we're working on that!  

  • and just for kicks....R loves this commercial and watches it on YouTube!  He says it all and it's REALLY funny...maybe I can try and record him soon!
Not a lot else going on around here!  Just trying to get back into our normal "school" routine and I think we are both really excited! 

Happy Hump Day Friends!  =)


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  1. The salad looks DELICIOUS :) We are trying some new things with our kids at meal time, too. I had been giving them whatever WE eat, but lately it's been a drama fest getting them to eat dinner. Your little guys dinner looks GREAT! I'm going to try the almond butter with my kiddos, too! :)


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