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Saturday, August 31, 2013

orange beach 3

The Wharf was right down the road from our hotel and they had a Build a Bear workshop and it was time to make a new snuggle buddy for us!  So one afternoon after swimming we hopped over to The Wharf for some FUN with Poppy!  =)

R got to ride the farris wheel he had been eyeing all week!  It was 100 feet tall--it used to be the tallest, but Destin built one that was 101 feet tall!  Stinkers!  :P

R had never had dippin' dots before either, so of course we had to try that out!

We got a new black bear named UCA--pronounced YOU-CAH!  Poppy had never been through the whole "Build a Bear" process...but he ended up thinking it was pretty cool!  :P

We also went for a little night walk out on our hotel's dock while the sun was setting!  It was so peaceful and beautiful out there--we can't wait to go back!
He loves his KeeKee!  =)
DUCK FACE!  Haha!  I could resist! :P
Crazy child eating breakfast!!
Happy afternoon for me while R took a nap!
We went and met some family that lives in FL for dinner one night!  This has become a tradition and I love that we are able to see them a couple times a year!
The lady in the middle in the brown is my mom's, dad's sister Amaryllis, and her son Larry is on the far left with his wife Ellen!  So they are my mom's aunt and first cousin!
On our way home from dinner the sun was setting and it was so beautiful!  We stopped at a public beach to stop and take some pics!

One last night swim before leaving in the am!
& finally headed home from a wonderful vacation!


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