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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bear Naked Granola

Fresh fruit, yogurt and granola is one of my favorite breakfast or snack combos.  I recieved Bear Naked granola from Influenster for testing purposes in the Blossom Vox Box.

The "coconut almond" got my attention, but the "curry" threw me off a bit.  Upon pairing the granola with farmer's market raspberries and yoplait light raspberry yogurt...my initial though about the curry was correct.  The coconut and almond tastes were delicious, but the curry made the whole sweetness of this treat completely messed up...I was a bit disappointed and upset, because I could tell the potential it had--just without the curry!

The Sea Salt Caramel Apple one was much better suited for me and how I wanted to use my granola!  I ate it mixed with a little bit of Almond/Coconut milk...making it a little soggy and very enjoyable as a "cereal".

I found Bear Naked in my local Neighborhood Market in the protein power/health good stuff for $1.19...pick up a packet or two to try today!    

Products courtesy of Influenster, but all opinions are my own.
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