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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OBU-my favorite staff member!

It's week two of the OBU BlogAbout!  You can see my post from last week here.  Thank you for stopping by and be sure & check out the rest of the link ups during the 2nd annual OBU BlogAbout!  

The very first person I thought about when I read "favorite professor or staff member" was Dr. Wesley Kluck.  

I don't remember the first time I met him or anything, which is kind of sad, but I just remember him always being the guy that was running around with the big camera taking pictures of you when you least expected it!  I always remember being in fear of getting on Facebook & seeing a notification saying "Wesley Kluck has tagged you in a photo" because NO TELLING what you might have been doing!  He is a sneaky lil fella with that camera!  ;) :P

He was/is the school Dr. & always took such good care of me!  I was the healthiest little kid in HS, but when I went to college it was a different story!  Geez!  I had "tonsil-itis" 4 times in one year there at school & at one point I had to have 5 rocephrin shots in 6 days!  He made me so much at ease when going in with my crazy problems and made me feel comfortable & right at home (kinda like everybody at Ouachita!  ;) ).  It wouldn't have been that way without his nurse DeeDee though!  She also happened to be my roomie's mom!  =) & always made sure I was being taken care of!  She was like my mom away from home!

Dr. Kluck has such a giving heart and will do anything for anyone that asks it seems like!  His wife is a sweetheart as well! They are even better together!  =) 
In the middle of my 1st semester Sophomore year I joined the competitive cheerleading team.  I had been a competitive cheerleader before, as well as cheering in HS.  I had always enjoyed competing on the blue mat more than cheering on the sidelines at a football or basketball game.  So, when I saw signs for "try-outs" just for competitive I was super interested!  It was something I never thought I would do again...& was excited to get back into something I hadn't done for almost 3 years.  

Dr. Kluck was very involved with the spirit squads & helped us with whatever we needed.  The competitive squad was going to one competition & that was National's in Orlando, FL at the one & only Disney World!  & of course Dr. Kluck was going with us!  

I don't have any pictures of Dr. Kluck from Disney...but here are a few from our trip!  I remember him buying me dinner one night because I was the only one at the table without a parent there! (my mom didn't come because my dad was having surgery to have his prostate cancer removed the week before we left...SOO...I let it slide!)  It's the little things like that that I remember most about him!  =)  He also bought us all National's t-shirts for making it to finals!  That may not seem like a lot, but there were 20 something of us!  SO....THANK YOU!  

What a great experience that I'll never forget!  & never thought I would get to experience!  

I get to see Dr. Kluck every once & a while, when I go down to visit campus & friends!  It's so good to have such great memories with such a great man!  Thanks Dr. Kluck for making my OBU experience great!


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